Wind farm simulator

In order to facilitate the testing of the automation products for wind farms, a wind farm simulator has been developed within the SIS company that fulfills the following functions:

 – interconnection by IEC protocol 61850-1-101

– suggestive graphical interface – simulation of monitoring for signals: active power, reactive power,

– Setpoint command simulation for: active power, reactive power

– command simulation in P/U, Q-f

The simulation platform was designed to improve the current solutions designed for the control and monitoring of wind farms. The simulation platform makes a considerable contribution in testing the safe operation of the wind farm, due to its main feature, the scalability.

The application consists of a graphical interface made in Visual Studio 2010, an OPC server intended for integration with a SCADA application, a client of IEC 61850-1-101 and a mathematical model made in Simulink.

 The graphical interface is made in order to present the simulation results in the form of graphs that highlight the behavior of the mathematical model of the wind turbine following imposed inputs.

 The OPC server can be connected to the existing OPC client in the SCADA system. The set-points sent to the controller can be displayed or possibly modified, so testing can be done for both current and future values.