The beginning of the LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMES project

The SIS company offers a modern service for the owners of technological installations run in real time, of complex automated systems and/or of BMS systems for civil or industrial buildings. This service is provided in accordance with the procedures of the Quality Management System implemented by SIS according to ISO 9001 standard.

Customers can be connected online to the PHCenter system for subscription-based remote control management systems. “PHCenter” implements an advanced concept of remote management of different processes, starting from a higher level analysis of the entire target process. The aim is to optimize performance in a systemic vision.

The main service groups offered by PHCenter are:

Real-time monitoring of the functional status of the target process and signaling the possible occurrence of risk situations.

Remote intervention, in crisis situations, in order to avoid possible dangers and material and human losses.

The analysis of the functional performances and the establishment of the necessary actions for their technical-economic optimization.

Remote assistance of the operating personnel in the professional development and / or punctual expositions through the online HELP subsystem offered.
Functions: the acquisition from the target system of the client of the data and information necessary to monitor and elaborate the intervention decisions sending and/or placing orders to the customer’s target system memorizing alarms, events and activities of human operators displaying data and information of interest to the operators and experts of PH Center in order to make the necessary decisions print reporting automatically on event or on request preventive maintenance programs providing assistance through the Remote Help system ensuring measures to optimize the technical-economic performances with effect on increasing productivity, reducing utility consumption (electricity, heat, fuel gas, etc.), increasing endurance of installations hardware and software testing and self-testing prevention of risk situations (fire, explosions, pollution, etc.) updating the knowledge base coordination of activity of expert group on collaborative platform personal beneficiary schooling testing and certification of the personal knowledge of the beneficiary