SMARTech – Smart microgrid development technology based on Digital Twin

The R&D team of SIS SA starts as coordinator the project “Smart Microgrid Development Technology based on Digital Twin” (SMARTech). Together with the Norwegian partner NORCE (Norwegian Research Centre), it aims to meet the requirements of the energy transition to the Smart Grid, starting from existing infrastructures, followed by the implementation of renewable energy generation equipment, storage solutions, smart consumption strategies, monitoring, remote control and energy efficiency.

Project funding: EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, programme: “Energy Programme in Romania”, call for proposals:” Research and Development”.

Total value: 274,200, of which 231,000 euros representing non-refundable value.

Project duration: 16 months (September 2022-December 2023)

Overall objective: Design and demonstration of smart microgrid development technology dedicated to accelerating the integration of renewable sources, increasing energy efficiency, including design, construction, monitoring and lifetime operation of microgrids.

Specific objectives:

➢ Develop a platform capable of hosting a Digital Twin modeling, simulation and development environment equipped with a cyber-physical interface.

➢ Develop a best practice guide for microgrid development.

➢ Develop algorithms or strategies to ensure optimal microgrid operation.

➢ Ensuring flexible production of controllers by configuring hardware and software modules.

➢ Ensuring a high technological level based on the implementation of both current and future communication standards, thus facilitating interoperability.

Expected results:

➢ Increase in renewable energy production through the development of microgrids – 2%.

➢ Energy efficiency through implementation of peak shaving and time shifting algorithms – up to 23%.

➢ Improved energy security based on intelligent control and Digital Twin simulations – target is 100%.

Contact persons:

Gheorghe Florea, Project Manager, email:

Teodora Mindra, Project Communication officer, email:

Ellen Nordgård-Hansen, Manager tehnic,

About Norce (

NORCE as partner in the project will participate in the modelling and optimization of the microgrid system. NORCE is a Norwegian institute for research and innovation in energy, health care, climate, environment, society and technology and addresses key societal challenges and contributes to value creation at local, national and global levels. NORCE has expertise in four strategic areas, one of which is sustainable energy production, which includes energy distribution, storage and management systems. In this project it aims to develop new ways of implementing microgrids that will be more reliable and achieve lower costs per kWh in a life-cycle perspective.

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