SCADA is acronym for “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition”. SCADA systems are used to monitor and infrastructure control processes (water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection, gas distribution, wind farms), utilities (from office buildings, airports, space stations), industrial processes (production, gas refining and oil, power generation).

These systems are based on data transfer between the SCADA command center and a number of RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) and/or PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller Units). At the same time, the command center of SCADA manages the data transfer to the operator interface.

As a system integrator, SIS offers you the possibility to choose from the products offered by the manufacturers of software or solutions, but also from the portfolio of suppliers it represents. Solutions dedicated or preferred by certain suppliers to manufacturers can be made by SIS based on over 25 years experience in systems integration. 

SCADA systems can be simple, such as a temperature control system in an office building, or very complex, a system for monitoring and controlling a drinking water distribution network.

 SCADA systems consist of:

  • one or more RTUs and / or PLCs, which communicate with measuring devices, local control panels and actuators;
  • communication networks used for data transfer;
  • SCADA command center that monitors and controls the entire system;
  • operator station and other types of operator interfaces.

Data acquisition begins at the RTU/PLC level and involves reading measurement indicators and equipment status. The information is communicated on request to the SCADA command center. The received data is restructured in a form convenient to the operator using the HMI part, Human Machine Interface. The human operator can intervene with any decisions that would help the proper functioning of the RTU or PLC.

For the data acquisition component, SIS is an authorized distributor and integrator for the SCADA PcVue solution, from Arc Informatique. The advantages of this solution are:

  • is an integrated system that includes real-time monitoring, reporting, archiving, alarm management and planner components
  • PcVue Mobility – an innovative solution for developing localization applications
  • allows the implementation of scripts and own expressions
  • automatic management of architectures from simple, single-station, client-server, distributed and / or redundant architectures
  • it offers high scalability, with licenses available up to an unlimited number of points
  • wide range of communication protocols available
  • rapid integration of IoT equipment

For data acquisition we recommend the range of PLCs, RTUs, HMIs and industrial gateways from Seneca, which offers the following benefits:

  • Reliability, low consumption and accuracy at low costs
  • Ease of use and installation
  • Compatibility with Modbus RTU / TCP for all products
  • Modular and scalable PLC/Datalogger solutions with features such as GPRS interconnection, integrated web server, dedicated power protocols
  • Applicability in a wide range of areas: small applications, BMS systems, energy monitoring, water systems monitoring

As an interconnection solution, CogentDataHub and Skkynet products offer tunneling and data gateway applications for quick access to data and integration of multiple data sources through OPC, Modbus, direct access to DBMS databases, .NET integration APIs, email and SMS notifications, Cloud integration and access.


Advantages offered by SIS:

  • experienced integrators for a wide range of SCADA and PLC solutions
  • the ability to adapt to customer’s dedicated or preferred solutions
  • flexibility in adapting to cost and performance requirements

 SCADA solutions promoted:

  • SCADA PcVue software application
  • PLC equipment and data acquisition Seneca
  • OPC interconnection through Cogent solutions



  • SCADA for the water distribution network in Bacau district, the cities of Moinesti and Buhusi
  • SCADA for the Galbiori photovoltaic park
  • SCADA for MV1 wind farm
  • BMS Carrefour Orhideea System