SIS_SCADA in the Cloud: Complex solution for controlling renewable energy parks

The SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system offers the possibility to monitor and control its wind farms remote photovoltaics.

Information from wind turbine / photovoltaic panels, inverters, transformers, protections, execution elements, are changed with field equipment via controllers (RTU / PLC) using available communication protocols or via digital or analog signals. Controllers contin logici de functionare pentru echipamentele din camp. Prin intermediul retelei de comunicatie care poate sa fie pe suport optic, electric sau wireless, echipamentele de camp devin accesibile in aplicatia software SCADA prezenta la dispecer.

The operator will be able to view up to 65000 data from parks in real time, data provided by field devices, including quality energy, weather conditions, protection status and reasons triggers. You will be able to control switches and separators, set the values ​​of the operating parameters for turbines, inverters or transformers. With the information collected by the weather station and pyranometer will generate power forecasts and alarms in case of improper operation. In addition to those mentioned above, SIS_SCADA provides reports complexes about the operation of the park and comparative graphs for multiple signals.

SIS_SCADA offers the possibility of recording signal values ​​at an interval of 0.5 seconds per an unlimited period of time, the only limitations being the power of processing and space available on inadequate team intervention can be alerted by the chosen hardware equipment.

For companies that use ERP systems you can opt for integration of SIS_SCADA with the ERP system via OPC for a better analysis of the profitability of the parks.

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