SIS SA and VorTek Instruments Introduces Portable Flowmeter Rental Program

Portable flowmeters are often needed temporarily for spot-checking during flow rate surveys, verifying the accuracy of another flowmeter, or even used as a temporary placeholder for fixed mount flowmeters sent out for service or calibration. The innovative design incorporates matched precision transducers and signal processing circuitry to accurately measure the flow of most liquids over a wide range of velocities.

Portable flowmeter rental units include:

  • SonoPro® Portable Professional Series Ultrasonic Flowmeter (Model S34).
  • Tablet loaded with SonoConfig™ Instrument Interface Software.
  • Two clamp-on temperature sensors for mass or thermal energy (BTU) metering.
  • Three sets of transducers for use with pipe sizes 1/2” to 200”.
  • Transducer mounting rack for easy installation.
  • MT160 thickness gauge to help with determining pipe wall thickness.

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