Software development

The software development team of SIS can provide you with the solutions you need to make your installation more efficient. Even if you need a new system or an upgrade to an existing system, we can configure it to meet the new requirements.

According to current trends, process software programs no longer only perform control functions in simple architectures, but often require decentralized architectures, with redundant servers, dedicated servers for communication and archiving, wireless communication via GPRS or IoT.  SIS is specialized in offering professional control solutions for both simple projects and also complex architectures using various control, development and communications solutions. The projects developed and implemented by us ensure efficiency, interconnectivity and security of the application.

The software development services we provide are:

  • process control applications (including automation logic according to the sequences of specific installations, emergency shutdown logic, pump control, uniform pump wear, automatic adjustment schemes depending on the process parameters level, flow, pressure, temperature, chlorine etc. , report adjustment, fuzzy adjustment)
  • web applications for viewing process parameters
  • SCADA and HMI visualization applications (graphical elements, animations, trends, reports, totals)
  • building monitoring and control applications – Building Management System (BMS)
  • scheduler applications
  • dedicated scripts in C, VBA, Visual Basic, stuctured text, etc., for implementing functions that are not available in basic SCADA/PLC applications
  • implementation and testing of industrial communication solutions through OPC, Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, XML, IEC 60850, IEC 60870-5-101, etc.

Without limiting to these, we have experience in working with:

  • PLC and HMI equipment from HIMA, Siemens, Phoenix Contact, Seneca, Delta and Wago
  • Seneca dataloggers
  • check Digi (Rabbit Semiconductors)
  • SCADA applications PcVue, WinCC, Integrate XoR, Iconics
  • scripts for custom functions


  • SCADA and HMI applications
  • PLC, DCS, ESD, datalogger controller applications
  • Digi / Rabbit embedded controller applications
  • Excel plug-ins for data reporting and analysis
  • C/VB scripts for specific functions



  • Vapor recovery systems at CF loading points and car ramps at the Rompetrol refinery Vega Ploiesti work point
  • SCADA system for the automation and monitoring of drinking and waste water systems in Moinesti, Buhusi
  • Modernization of the thermal energy source within S.C. U.A.T.A.A. S. A. Motru – Boiler automation
  • SCADA Galbiori photovoltaic park system
  • GPL Midia Terminal Automation, safety and security system
  • Up-gradation and modernization of the BMS DA Petrobrazi system
  • SCADA & BMS for Carrefour Orhideea