Obtaining fire permit and authorizations

SIS offers services for obtaining permits and authorizations for fire, provides complete documentation for the implementation of the rules regarding emergency situations through:

  • Identification, evaluation, control of the fire risk, conclusions and recommendations for its reduction;
  • Fire safety scenario;
  • Report of the project verifier regarding compliance with fire safety norms – requirement C;
  • Design of self-contained or integrated safety and security systems (for administrative or private buildings, commercial complexes and industrial buildings);
  • Execution, installation, testing and verification of instrumentation, equipment, software for:
    • safety and security systems projects;
    • BMS implementation projects and building automation- Projects systems of automation, computerization of installations and industrial processes, including the implementation of programmable automatons, distributed systems and computers;
    • software implementation and installation of systems and subsystems;
    • Elaboration of tender documentation;
    • Warranty and post-warranty service;
    • Technical assistance to the execution;
    • Personal schooling.

The specialized department of SIS S.A. has accumulated in this area a rich experience in the field of civil constructions, its most representative beneficiaries being: BNR, BCR, CEC, ASIROM, BRD, Banca Agricola, Bloom Bank, Romanian Academy, Romanian Peasant Museum, hospitals, UM, schools and kindergartens and so on

Due to the quality of the services offered and its professionalism (our designers and technicians are authorized to perform works in the field of installation and service of the technical systems of guard and alarm), the company SIS S.A. it can be adapted to the needs and requirements of any client, regardless of the diversity and complexity of the requested work.      

The company also holds all authorizations for designing and executing fire detection and extinguishing systems (0416 / 08.11.2010; 0272 / 08.09.2010; 0195 / 09.08.2010;), authorizations for designing and executing burglar alarm systems (2088 / T /09.09.2010), authorization to design and execute indoor electrical installations for 0.4kV (ANRE 7167/ 09.09.2011) and authorization for works in environment with explosive risk INSEMEX_GANEX).

To find out if your company requires these documents, according to the legislation in force, as well as the steps to be followed, the necessary documents and the costs involved to obtain the authorization, please contact us using the “Request more details” button below.