Installation and maintenance

With the necessary certifications, a continuous training and experience of a great variety of processes, applications, products the team of installers SIS ensures the assembly of the most complex cabinets of automation and/or safety up to SIL 3. In a single regime or small series, SIS offers equipment designed, realized, tested under simulation or working online. In the endowment of the execution workshop there are not only means of assembly, inscription, packaging but also the measuring equipment, test-simulation systems (HIMA, SIEMENS, ROCKWELL, Phoenix Contact, WAGO), communications programs.

The presence of the team in the yard is marked by the use of the most suitable protective equipment answering the highest demands as those of the oil companies, equipment and means of high performance work, efficient means of transport but also quality procedures, labor protection, information security.

Having a good theoretical and practical training the SIS team promotes the concept of preventive and proactive maintenance, ensuring by connecting “Remote” to the realized or existing applications and rapid interventions. SIS offers consulting in the field of maintenance services for the alignment with the legal provisions P118/3-2015 updated in 2017, GD no. 571/2016 regarding scheduled maintenance (at 3 months for fire detection and at 6 months for explosive gas detection).

The equipment and the means provided (flame simulators, gas test kits, electrical measuring devices and portable technological parameters, communications equipment, path detectors, etc.) give the SIS teams the ability to guarantee the high functionality of the systems and to maintain them at high levels applications.


  • fire detection and extinguishing systems
  • gas detection systems
  • CCTV systems
  • access-control systems
  • voice-data network systems
  • cabinets and enclosure automation
  • cabinets for systems increased security SIS
  • translator installation and parameterization
  • wiring and communications testing
  • simulation testing
  • FAT and SAT



  • Maintenance of fire system Romanian Peasant Museum
  • Design and execution of burglary warning systems, Video Surveillance, Access control, fire detection and warning, Gas fire extinguishing INERGEN Olt County Museum
  • Maintenance of IDSAI, CCTV systems headquarters: Sf Dumitru Hospital and Ion Mihalache Hospital, INRMFB
  • Maintenance of IDSAI, CO underground parking complex Pallady residential complex
  • Gas and fire detection system and ESD compressor station Boldesti and Iconita, Petrom
  • Installation of fixed monitoring system, methane gas detection, flame and fire extinguishing at STC Silistea, Transgaz