Design documentation

The design documentation can be classified according to the legislation in the documentation for the achievement of construction objectives or the documentation for the realization of the systems. From the first category are part:

  1. Documentation for urban studies
  2. Technical documentation for obtaining the building permit (DTAC)
  • Technical project
  • Currencies and execution details
  • “As built” documentation

In the category of the necessary documentation for the realization of systems are part:

  • Basic design
  • Manufacturing details engineering
  • Software configuration specifications
  • Design and development of means and test methods
  • Procedures and methodologies FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)
  • Procedures and methodology SAT (Site Acceptance Test)
  • Personal schooling manuals
  • Operating, maintenance, operation manuals


  • documentation for obtaining the construction permit
  • technical project
  • The documentation includes execution details
  • machining documentation
  • documentation As Built
  • documentation for obtaining the fire permit
  • Specialized documentation for: obtaining the urbanism certificate and obtaining the building permit



  • Sistem ESD pentru instalatia de polipropilena Midia
  • BMS termocentrala Motru
  • Fire&Gas pentru parcuri petroliere Boldesti, Iconita
  • Fire&Gas pentru parc petrolier Dealu Batran