Whether you are considering developing a new system, upgrading existing installation or expanding your current solutions, the decisions taken in the initial stages are crucial to the success of the project. For this reason, SIS can provide you with advice for identifying, documenting and implementing optimal solutions to meet the proposed objectives. We help our clients in justifying the terms of recovery of investments and obtaining the approval of the project, as well as in ensuring the most suitable technology, at an efficient cost, which will ensure the achievement of the short and long term objectives.

Based on our experience in multiple monitoring and control platforms, current technologies, knowledge on the functioning of processes and existing standards and regulations, we offer our clients consulted in formulating a coerent planning for achieving the objectives:

  • Defining the steps required to drive the project
  • Project planning according to the SIS and ISO 9001 methodology
  • Ensuring the success of the project based on our experience in the field
  • Minimizing the risks of project implementation
  • Improving the performance of the implemented systems
  • Ensure the calculation of the investment recovery terms
  • Increasing the competitive advantage

Between the specific fields of consultancy we mention:

  • Obtaining fire permits and permits identification, evaluation, control of fire risk, conclusions and recommendations for its reduction;
  • Fire safety scenario;
  • Report of the project verifier regarding compliance with fire safety norms regarding requirement C;
  • Realization of the documentation for the participation in the auctions
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Identify financing opportunities through national/European programs for the implementation of innovative technologies


What we recommended:

  • SIS is the continuator of the tradition and experience of the Institute of Designing Automation Bucharest, the main producer of process control in Romania until 1990.
  • SIS has designed and built systems on most industrial platforms in the country, but also projects in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Belarus, Malaysia, France.
  • SIS is accredited as an engineering company and/or system integrator for international companies such as: FCI, VORTEK, ArcInformatique, Innovyze, HIMA, Seneca. Due to this position SIS can offer the products of these companies at competitive prices.
  • Through his competence and professionalism, SIS has become a partner for peocess control problems and safety and security systems for GTC, ROHE etc.