Research competences

Research competences

The main objective of the SIS research and innovation department is to facilitate the adoption of new digital technologies in different fields, mainly addressed to industrial and automation systems. The company has extensive experience in developing innovative methods and tools, resulting in over 30 national and international research projects.

The fields in which the research projects developed by SIS have been covered various areas of the industry, from process control, transport, e-learning, medicine and environmental protection.

 Among the topics addressed are:

– Industry

  • Implementation of automatic mechanisms for detection and management of risk and hazard situations, defect identification, optimization of operation (see PHCENTER project)
  • Advanced control systems and algorithms, including implementation in PLC/DCS automation controllers (see CALCULOS, BIBLIODAS, PHASEPLIT projects)
  • Remote interconnection platforms to facilitate access to new technologies (Cloud, IoT) (see CALCULOS, PHASEPLIT projects)
  • Integration in Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence structure

– Smart ICT

  • Tracking, locating and collecting data from mobile entities using mobile sensor networks (see CULORS project)
  • Smart houses (see SmartBuild projects, SALINT)
  • Smart alert platforms (see LIFEWEAR project)
  • Emergency management platforms (see LIFEWEAR project)

– Energy

  • communications systems for compatibility with SmartGrid (see INOVATION project)
  • systems for increasing energy efficiency (see SALINT project)

– Medium

  • Collaborative networks for monitoring the effect of polluting factors in urban environments (see REMEDIU project)
  • Residue treatment system in the food industry, for small factories (see PHASEPLIT project)

– Medicine

Control systems for patients with locomotor problems, using dedicated mechatronic structures (see SIMESIM, RELIVE projects)

You can read more details about the projects mentioned in the dedicated description pages.