PARFAIT – New international research project

SIS has become a partner in the international research project PARFAIT – Framework for the protection of personal data in IoT, funded through the ITEA 3 program. SIS is coordinator for Romania in this project.

The main purpose of the PARFAIT project is to develop a platform for the protection of personal data in Internet of Things applications, which will be tested with 2 case studies. Another goal of the project is to reduce the complexity of integrating and implementing services in today’s Internet of Things technology by providing interoperable libraries, tools and SDKs.

Interoperability, together with the security and confidentiality of personal data, are the two most important limitations of the growth of the Internet of Things market. Interoperability increases the complexity of production processes and production costs. On the other hand, the lack of security and trust for the protection of privacy puts a barrier between service providers and consumers, which can be defined as enterprises and final consumers. This barrier directly affects the widespread adoption of Internet of Things applications in consumer lifestyle and business applications.

By finding solutions to these problems, the project aims to generate huge business potential. The economic impact of the project will be achieved through an integrated, scalable and extensive framework of confidentiality and security, which will be demonstrated through two case studies conducted by industrial partners of the project consortium. These case studies are selected as Personal Information Management and Smart Home Services.

Instead of restricting the business potential for certain vertical domains, the consortium aims to present a global framework of confidentiality and security, within which various vertical thematic frameworks can be built. This approach will increase the business potential and the adoption of project results on a wider market.

The purpose of the project is to define methods, rules and guidelines on interoperability and security/confidentiality, in order to make recommendations for policy makers. The defined methodologies and policies will be used as the cornerstones for developing libraries, tools and SDKs that will build the foundation layer for domain-specific IoT.