PARFAIT – First review meeting

The third joint meeting of the PARFAIT project consortium, funded by UEFISCDI through the ITEA 3 program, was held in Paris from July 1 to 3. case studies. It is envisaged the creation of a common platform for the interconnection of Smart Home/Smart Hotel/Smart Office applications made using traditional technologies with additional functions such as text or voice command through natural language and with the security and security of the transmitted data. A first Smart Lock demonstrator was presented which uses a double method of verifying the user’s authenticity. The meeting ended with the Review session in which 4 ITEA members analyzed the progress and communicated to the consortium tips for increasing the impact of the obtained results. The development of the project was evaluated as extremely satisfactory, both by the results obtained so far, by the technological level envisaged, as well as by the vision and collaboration at the consortium level.

The following actions will include:

– implementation of the common interconnection platform

– definition of interfaces and mechanisms of interconnection

– development, integration and evaluation of demonstrators

– establishing the strategy of dissemination and exploitation

SIS will participate in the project with a case study for monitoring the environmental parameters and energy consumption in a building. The data will be securely transmitted through IoT to a Cloud SCADA server for storage, visualization and analysis. If you are interested in implementing such a system you can contact us at