Obtain energy efficiency for industrial processes with Cloud Scada SIS SA

Being a team of systems engineers, so more than product consultants, we not only implement automation tools, but create a complete CLOUD SCADA solution, which often involves customized, process-oriented interfaces with advanced integration. We use an approach based on the desired application development, with the result that requirements analysis, architecture, testing, continuous adaptation and application management are all integrated into our projects where necessary to ensure sustainability and efficiency.

We often use a mix of technologies to find the right combination of cost, flexibility and long-term durability for your particular environment. We also collaborate with the main CLOUD providers in this field, using both their platforms and their SaaS services, when they are suitable for our customers and for the problem in question.

This process-oriented and solution-oriented approach, rather than technology-oriented, has allowed us to create sophisticated and cost-effective automation solutions for many customers over the years, and this experience means we can do the same for your business.

Our innovative nature and engineering-based culture have taught us to constantly experiment with systems with new automation technologies and learn how to integrate it together to create valuable, reliable and cost-effective solutions to our customers’ automation problems.

With the right automation approach and, if necessary, a customized solution, you can achieve the efficiency, scalability, reliability, and agility needed to meet the challenges in your industry and market.

For more details or offers, do not hesitate to write to us at sis@sis.ro or at the technical department at oana.chenaru@sis.ro