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We support the integration of microgrids through an optimal control strategy

The Smart Microgrid Controller <Smart µGC> project (project ID 2020/505837), carried out through the Norwegian funding program 2014 – 2021 within the Green Industry Innovation, Blue Growth and ICT Program Romania, practically addresses the issue of developing a smart microgrid. The solution includes photovoltaic panels with an installed power of 120 kWp, two storage systems of different capacities and manufacturers (40 kWh and 56.3 kWh that allow observation of behavior and how to adjust, chosen for demonstration purposes), the inverter that allows switching between different elements and a 120 kVA gas generator. The microgrid serves the Monsson office building.

microretea inteligenta
Control Diagram

Approach to the data collection process and control logic

By implementing this project, SIS aims to demonstrate the performance and advantages of a smart microgrid leading to an increase in the number of microgrid systems implemented at national level, ensuring sustainability in the use of green technologies by increasing efficiency in local energy production and use, facilitating direct transactions between production and consumer. There are two types of operation: Networked and Insularized. In both priority scenarios are ensuring the predominant consumption of the photovoltaic park, storage in batteries and the consumption / delivery ratio in SEN.

A controller developed by SIS on a redundant Siemens S7-1500 platform ensures the monitoring and control of the elements, so that the available generation and storage resources can be used efficiently and the amount of energy taken from the national network can be optimized according to cost. In the Monsson case study there are several requirements for communication protocols, which require the redundant controller interconnection flexibility, increased system reliability, but due to the fact that they are common protocols, the connection was not a challenge.

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In order to make a correct evaluation of the various microgrid technologies, a series of criteria must be taken into account: components, control, dispatching and market. Within the project, SIS developed the methodology for developing intelligent microgrids using modern technologies such as MATLAB and SIMULINK modeling-simulation environments that guarantee the achievement of estimated performances. We identify the best financing solution, whether it is attracting non-reimbursable funds (for which we help you to prepare the financing application), research projects or financing solution in credit-operating regime.

Increase flexibility and energy independence

  • They can be used where there is no possibility of connection to the public energy network;
  • Contributes to achieving the objectives regarding the level of energy production from renewable resources;
  • A positive impact on the environment and the use of renewable energy resources;
  • Increase profitability by reducing the cost of electricity purchased from the grid

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