MSC – Calibrator and signal generator

MSC (Multifunction Smart Calibrator) is a universal and flexible tool for the maintenance and testing of sensors and process meters. With an accuracy class of better than 0.05% for each type of input / output, MSC offers measurement and signal generation: analog, digital, temperature sensor and load cell. This is a powerful calibrator that offers advanced features such as automatic ramp generation (single loop) and data recording with instant data sharing / export or an entire log session in CSV format.

Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, the MSC is capable of powering external devices or sensors and can be used without continuous power for up to 20 hours.

With a readability of up to 100,000 measurements and full support for LabVIEW libraries, it is suitable for professional and industrial use by PLC programmers, maintenance technicians, technical support companies, measurement laboratories, device control and calibration activities. , electronic laboratories, electromechanical workshops and quality control activities.

The device is provided with a calibration report useful for verifying its metrological characteristics and for validating the correctness and accuracy of the measured / generated signal during the calibration sessions.

Parameter configuration and data management can be done from a desktop application for Windows (via micro USB cable) or mobile application (for iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth connection).

BateryLithium polymer (LiPo) battery 3,400 mAh
Life cycleLithium polymer (LiPo) battery 3,400 mAh
AC230 Vac with standard USB charger
Status LEDPower supply; Communication; Error; BT mating; Data logger activated (THE); Battery status.
IsolationInstrument with battery, intrinsically isolated
Overvoltage protection230 Vac max without permanent damage (TB)
Sampling rate10Hz
Operating modesSignal measurement; Signal generation (with ramps); Datalogging.
buzzerFor reporting overload and inability to simulate the required value
Standard isolationNr. 4 test cables 4mm
Termocuple connectionMini plug (7.9 mm) for measuring or generating the TC signal
Microusb functionsPower supply; FW update; ModBUS communication (virtual COM).
Wireless CommunicationBluetooth Low Energy 4.1 iOS sau Android
Flexible Application MSC de SENECA: ITA, ENG, DEU, FRA, ESP
Function Temperature-20..50 ° C
ErrorsOvervoltage (V> 28 V) Under voltage (V 24 mA) Under current (I 400 Ohm Power supply with load cells Intermittent value (voltage / current / resistance / bridge generation failure
Humidity30..90% without condensation
Dimension 88 x 147 x 25 mm
Weight330 g
Protection IP20
EquipmentConnecting cables (4), microUSB / USB cable, battery charger
Calibration certificateOn demand
RegulationEN61326-1; EN61010-1  
Signal measurement 
Curent0..24 mA activ & pasiv; protection ± 28 V
Voltaj (V)0,0÷27 V
TermocuplaTip J,K ,T, E, N, R, S, B, L
Termoresistori (2,3,4 CABLURI)Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, Cu50, Cu100, Ni100, Ni120
Celula de incarcare350 Ohm; -0,2÷+2,4mV/V
Pulsatiemax count 1.000 Hz
Semnal de frecventa0,1..1.000 Hz
Precizie0,03%; 0,04% for current
Rezolutie1 µA; 1 mV; 5 µV;  0,1°C; 0,1uV/V 
Generare semnal 
Curent0,1..24 mA activ și pasiv; protecție ± 28 V
Tensiune (V)0,1÷24 V
Tensiune (MV)-10mV÷+90mV
TermocuplaTipo J,K ,T, E, N, R,S, B, L
Termorezistori (2 cabluri)Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, Cu50, Cu100, Ni100, Ni120
Celula de incarcare350 Ohm; -0,2..+2,4mV/V
Pulsatiemin. 0,5 ms (1..24V) impulsuri setabile
Semnal de frecventa0,1..1.000 Hz
Precizie0,03%; 0,04% pentru curent
Rezolutie1 µA; 1 mV; 5µV;  0,1°C; 0,02 Ohm;  0,1 uV/V;
Functie intensificare 
SemnaleCurent / Tensiune / TC / RTD / Celulă de încărcare
FunctiiSingura sau in bucla
TipMAX 9 segmente, rezoluție rampă 100 ms, rampa minimă 1 secundă
Date de inregistrare 
Rata de esantionare>500 ms