According to the ISO quality standards, the activity of the SIS personnel is guided by an internal methodology resulting from the accumulated experience. This methodology is applied for research-development, design-technological engineering works and physical executions performed in SIS, as well as for other works included in the field of activity of SIS: consulting, technical assistance, personnel training in the field of process control, technical offers- commercial, forecasting studies, endorsements, expertise, etc. If a certain type of work is not indicated in the methodology, an assimilation will be made with one of the activities provided.

The concrete quality conditions of the SIS products are specified in the economic contracts based on the technical documents, normative-standards, specifications of tasks approved by the beneficiaries, as well as other requirements agreed between the parties.

The SIS methodology comprises:

– detailing the attributions for ensuring quality management

– description of the operations related to the contracting, elaboration, approval, editing and reception of the works

– the stages of design and technological engineering for automation systems and installations

– the design stages for computer systems and software applications

– characteristics regarding the development and reporting for the research and development activity

– recommendations regarding teamwork

– tendering activities and technical assistance

– annexes, procedures and support forms for the realization of projects

This methodology provides the necessary basis for SIS to provide customers with quality services and products, to respond firmly and efficiently to requests and to ensure traceability of the systems made.