Accurate and reliable measurement with the new Vortex Pro-V multivariable flow meter ™ M24

SIS SA as a supplier

SIS SA, as the supplier of VorTek Instruments equipment, announces the official launch of the new Vortex Pro-V ™ M24 multivariable flow meter, used for accurate and reliable measurement. The multivariable design incorporates a high-precision speed sensor, a temperature sensor and a pressure transducer. M24 can provide volumetric flow, mass, temperature, pressure, density and energy measurements from a single installed device. This reduces the complexity, equipment costs and installation costs compared to installing multiple stand-alone instruments to arrive at the same process measurements.

microretea inteligenta
microretea inteligenta

M24 includes a low bore option, using integrated reduction flanges, and thus the meter body has a small diameter. This increases the speed of the fluid through the meter and expands the measuring range to capture lower flows. This is especially useful in project planning, as it allows flexibility in the future.

The new flow meter also offers the latest and most advanced serial communication options, such as BACnet® / IP and Modbus® TCP / IP, thus representing an innovation on the market, which also offers Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities and helps simplify installation as well as reduce installation costs.

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