The Smart Microgrid Controller project has successfully completed the fifth stage, now at a point where the pilot application is at TRL 5, as its main components have been installed and configured, and testing and evaluation of the application for acquisition , remote data storage and monitoring is nearing completion.

The Smart Microgrid Controller project (project ID 2020/505837), carried out through the Norwegian funding program 2014 – 2021 under Green Industry Innovation, includes photovoltaic panels with an installed capacity of 120 kWp, two storage systems of different capacities and manufacturer (40 kWh and 56.3 kWh), the inverter that allows switching between different elements and a 120 kVA gas generator. The microgrid developed by SIS through the project serves the Monsson office building.

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At this stage, the actions focused on two activities: the development of the remote platform for modeling – simulation – design and the development of the case study of the microgrid pilot application. We continued our research on creating a python script for data retrieval and preprocessing, but also activities such as analyzing the technical requirements of the insularized mode. Subsequently, the difference between the microgrid sizing mode was analyzed, compared to the software analyzed in the previous stage.

Regarding the microgrid pilot application, the SIA team managed to complete the installation of the automation cabinet and its integration with the equipment in the installation. Modifications were made to the initial technical project in order to obtain the As Built project that would correspond to all the necessary modifications in the field. Also, a Remote application was implemented with the most appropriate form that contains graphical templates, archives, logs, trends, warning and alarming scripts, bar graph, consumption animation, energy totalizers, etc.

At this stage, the team worked on the integrated control strategy, implementing different operating modes necessary to ensure a balance between available resources so as to respond to consumer needs. The latest details about the remote platform have been developed by configuring, programming and integrating the component modules to meet the requirements of the micorgrid pilot.

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