Stage Completion of the third stage of the Smart Microgrid Controller project

The SmartMicrogridController project has fulfilled one of its objectives: that from December the park will operate autonomously and provide the necessary energy to the buildings in the location. The main problems we faced at this stage were difficulties in achieving communication between equipment. Documentation activities were carried out and the development of strategies for the operation of each piece of equipment (inverter, SBB, DC-DC), as well as the finding of optimal operating references for each piece of equipment, these not specified in the technical documentation of the equipment.

For the development of the remote modeling and simulation platform, we defined a set of functional and technical requirements and looked for various solutions capable of meeting these requirements. This activity included a survey of available solutions, evaluation of demonstration software (when available), discussions with sales representatives to present the use case and detail the expected specifications and results, as well as participation in non-demo webinars. allowed us to explore several non-functional requirements such as ease of use, scalability and the need for additional skills.

For the control strategy, a Siemens S7-1500 controller in redundant configuration is used, which communicates with the SCADA PcVue application via ISO-S7 protocol. In the SCADA application, all the data available at this moment have been entered, the control screens of the installation and the display of the graphs in an advantageous way for their interpretation are also being worked on. The data is archived and will be used on the optimization side by integrating into a remote intelligent analysis platform.

In the next period, the activities for the implementation of control strategies will be carried out both in the network connection regime and in the insular regime. From the analysis of the archived data it will be possible to evaluate the system performance in the different modes of operation.

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