Digital Twin – The future of wastewater

For the management of water and wastewater assets, the Digital Twin technology (DT) represents the physical and virtual model, how it was built, fault diagnosis, identification of the operation status of the equipment, how it is connected, history its inspections, questionnaires and maintenance and much more.

Innovyze and AWS (Amazon Web Services) recently teamed up to create a new generation of dynamic digital tools for water infrastructure. This allows experts to address system issues and overcome barriers to digital transformation.

SIS as an authorized distributor of Innovyze products, will propose the Info 360 solution, a cloud platform built on AWS, which aims to allow customers to become an active part of the process and experts to gather unified data, asset data, indicator analysis performance and historical data and connect them to real data so that we can provide the best simulations of disconnection or fault scenarios, modeling of repair scenarios and the possibility of remote implementation of the optimal solution.

SIS and Innovyze are working to improve and advance digital twinning technology to get us to where it can be most useful and reliable. Our main goal is to develop more trust in the digital twin, so that experts in various fields can manage, develop and operate the utility infrastructures in full confidence. To improve this confidence, models are developed based on acquired data, flow simulations and analyzes that are continuously updated, calibrated and validated.

The convergence of cloud technology, IoT and synchronized modeling capabilities means that digital models or digital twins can be truly representative of many assets in your water system, and these asset models can be created and run on high-end cloud computing platforms. performance.

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