Discover the full capabilities of a monitoring system in your hands!

As a reliable partner of ARC Informatique, SIS SA announces the launch of PcVue 15 innovation, which brings a unique solution – an application through which only bringing the phone / tablet closer to the equipment will allow you to:

– View and monitor in real time the status of connected equipment near you.

– Communicate and exchange information with experts in the control center, securely (tickets, reports, audio, images, videos)

– Access the data sheet and technical documentation of nearby equipment

– Adjust the parameter during the commissioning phase and view the result on the spot

– Optimize the management of staff activities for a better organization of maintenance

– Increase the safety of workers by monitoring their condition and avoiding conditions of risk and hazard.

The main benefits

  • Make remote work more efficient by giving your team secure access to real-time data and the ability to control their assets from anywhere.
  • Increase comfort and services with the virtual assistant.
  • Allow a better response to the decisions of operational teams.
  • Easy to use solution that allows quick adoption by any type of team.
  • Keep your data safe by communicating through a private and secure instant messaging system.

Try the demo here: