Established in 1990, the SIS company has undergone some organizational transformations, reaching the current form of joint stock company, in 1994, soon establishing itself as one of the most important providers of solutions and services in the domain of process control, proving capacity and experience in designing and the implementation of complex solutions, on a diverse range of software, hardware and network platforms, currently ranking among the top of the system integrators in Romania.

The solutions and services of SIS SA are intended especially for the oil and gas industry, refineries, petrochemicals, energy and utilities, food, water and waste water treatment.

SIS SA is able to offer the following services: engineering, overall and detail design, consulting, research and development software, maintenance through Remote Control Center – system for remote monitoring of security & security applications, Asset management – system tracking, programming, maintenance of equipment and equipment within the installations, Energy efficiency – starting from the needs of electricity, fuel and other utilities, we propose procedures and strategies aimed at reducing costs, outsourcing solution’s for DCS, ESD, SCADA, PI, MES, PLC, RTU, OPC, flowmetry.

The combination of experience, competence and quality orientation, while obtaining an optimal price/performance ratio, allows SIS to offer its clients and partners essential benefits:

  • Know-how

The SIS team possesses knowledge not only in the field of technologies, means and elements of automation, safety and security but also about the processes or objectives to be achieved or modernized. SIS has become, through its references, national technical and technological leader, conceiving and realizing automation systems, safety and security systems, real-time information systems.

  • Partnerships

The team’s competence and professionalism have contributed to obtaining and completing work in more than ten countries with partners such as GTC, AMEC SPIE, Foster Wheeler, Stone and Webster.

  1. The status of an engineering firm and/or systems integrator approved by manufacturers of internationally renowned equipment and systems (HIMA, FCI, Vortek, Emerson, Allen Bradley, Siemens, Iconics, Arq Informatique, Innovyze, OsiSoft) allows us to offer both solutions recommended as well as imposed. ne permite sa oferim atat solutii recomandate cat si impuse.


  • Quality

Taking priority over quality, SIS has been certified ISO 9001 since 2006 and since 2012 has took the step towards the integrated certification of the management system including ISO 9001/2015, ISO 14001/2015, ISO 18001/2008, ISO 27001/2015, SA 8000 certifications. SIS activity is in full compliance with the legislative requirements, the personnel and the company holding the necessary certifications for:

design, installation, maintenance of security systems;

design, installation, maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems;

design, installation, maintenance of extinguishing systems;

designing, installing, checking, maintaining systems operating in explosive environments.

  • Reputation
  1. In the case of making documentation and carrying out works, the SIS commitment is to limit as much as possible the corrections, the interventions requested by the partners, being only for extensions or additions of new functionalities. Atat in cazul intocmirii de documentatii cat si al realizarii de lucrari angajamentul SIS este de a limita pe cat posibil corectii, interventiile solicitate de parteneri  fiind doar pentru extinderi sau adaugari de functionalitati noi.
  • Innovation

Through the active participation in research and development projects, SIS proposes to the clients innovative solutions, new technologies, means and advanced methods ensuring solutions dedicated to each client or process.

  • The experience

Acumulating the experience of over 45 years of the founding team and over 28 years of the company, SIS offers the guarantee of an experience in multiple fields, in 3 continents and in many partnerships. There are industries where the team has knowledge in the operation and maintenance of the systems developed for most processes. For these we can certainly offer guaranteed turn key solutions.

  • Seriousness

“Seriousness + Intelligence = Safety” is our favorite motto in which we believe and we have the certainty that we respect it, offering the security to our partners that they have chosen the right company.

  • SIS offer

To respond with maximum eficiency to the challenges faced by system integrators, SIS fully covers the range of services, products, systems and documentation.

  • Prompt response

SIS has the ability to respond quickly to the requests of customers or contractors both by moving to the objective and by remote connection to the systems realized or monitored.