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Produse speciale


In order to complete the products range, special products selected from the market may be delivered.

Ask our sales department catalogs and information.

Gas analyzers

- Toxic gas transmitters

- Combustible gas transmitters

- Multichannel gas alarm cabinets

- Portable toxic gas detector

- Calibrators for gas analyzers

Laser Particle Counter

This instrument is designed to provide valuable particle data by continuously monitoring particle counts in raw water, filter influent, or filter effluent.

Based on laser light blocking principle, this sensor will provide particle count data over size ranges from 2 to 200 microns.

Particles are counted in six separate channels depending of their size.

Main applications are in water towers, water treatment, pharmaceutical industry, for the detection of the Cryptosporidium (5-7 micron) or Giardia (9-11 micron), before the Turbidity values begin to rise.


- Open channel

- Magnetic

- Doppler effect

- Paddle wheel


- Resisitive method

- Ultrasonic

- Capacitive

Water sampler

For water treatment applications